Mission Trips

"God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts.
Use them well to serve one another"
1 Peter 4:10

Myanmar (Burma)

Hopeful Hearts currently supports 360 children in Myanmar, with 335 living in orphanages and 25 living in transition homes. Hopeful Hearts provides and/or subsidizes costs of food, housing, medicine, education, and much more.

We regularly send teams to Myanmar to lead Vacation Bible School (VBS). We have partnered with Teach to Transform to provide much needed medical training, as well as instruction in motorcycle maintenance, hair cutting, sewing, and so on.

We have completed many special projects in Myanmar, such as providing 50 new mattresses, offering tutoring for special needs children, and much more. We have also provided a micro-enterprise development loan to start a dairy farm, which is helping the largest home to become more self-sufficient. The loan provided for over 10 cows, and the entrepreneur began to show a profit within one year. He has already started to repay the loan, and he expects to repay the loan in full over the next 18 months.

Sri Lanka

Hopeful Hearts partners with Footprints ministry of Sri Lanka, supporting 48 children with daily shelter, food, clothing, education, and much more. In 2012 we assisted with funding for a new boys home. In addition, we recently helped with the dedication of a new addition for their girl’s home. A team from Hopeful Hearts helped the children move into their new living quarters and added personal touches to the new space.

Our trip in April of 2019 was a great trip as the team shared time with the children. The events included a day at the beach, a pizza party, blessing bags for each child and a trip to Victoria Park for horseback riding and paddle boats.


Hopeful Hearts supplies daily food for 50 children at the El Bethel Children’s Home in Titanyen, Haiti. We also recently provided  new mattresses – one for each child – in many cases the first mattress each child has ever used. Our team of four last visit to the orphanage was August 22-24, 2018. We are looking forward to the next opportunity to travel back so we show God’s love to the children.


Hopeful Hearts provides financial support to two separate orphanages in India. There are 46 children in the orphanage in southern India and another 93 in central India.

Southern India  

The orphanage in southern India is a home for girls. The children range in age from 4-18 and operate as one big family. They eat sleep, clean, work and worship together. The older girls help with assigned chores and assist the younger children with daily needs such as bathing, meal preparation and chores.
Meals are prepared by cooks but children serve and clean. Clothes are washed by children at rock stations with water raised from the well. To help supply their needs the property supports cows, goats, ducks and chickens. They also grow bananas, tapioca, coffee, pineapple, coconut and spices.
Each summer the ministry conducts Vacation Bible School (VBS) which is an outreach program to the children in the neighboring villages. Total attendance for the summer VBS program is near 1500 and many children give their life to Christ.
Please pray for the ministry in Southern India that they remain faithful to the Gospel as they are often the object of persecution in this largely Hindu and Muslim country.

Central India  

The orphanage in central India is a ministry dedicated to handicapped children. The home currently has 93 children, 43 of them are blind, 35 are deaf and 15 have skeletal deformities of varying degrees. The children attend various schools according to their disability.
We have been blessed to help them finish the main construction of the orphanage and to add a boundary wall for their safety. There are still many needs associated with this ministry. We look forward to being a blessing to these children as we continue to support them with monthly support.


Hopeful Hearts supports 67 children in two orphanages, where many are orphaned because of the 2004 tsunami, providing chicken, fish, fruit, and vegetables. Before we started helping these children, rice was their main food source. Our current level of support is only enough to give them 2 to 3 servings of chicken, fish, fruit, and vegetables per week. Additional funding would allow us to increase our food supplements for these children.

The children have additional needs besides food. When they are declared orphans by the government, they are required to attend schools that charge tuition, which makes it difficult for them to get an education.

Our support in Indonesia started in 2012 with the life-saving support of Baby Sarah, an orphan who needed special formula in order to survive. Hopeful Hearts helped in furnishing the special formula. God saved Baby Sarah through our help and the prayers of many Believers around the world.